Housing design, Callosa


The stair  bean is hidden  inside the wall, the natural light from the roof pases through the iron beam-steeps.



Concrete stair case with cable raillings.



 White bricks  cladding,  the railings do not touch each other and the facade,

they are screwed under the ceramic floor slabs.



Slate slabs, steel cables  pass from one level to another one.



timber door

Custom made 4m  door  and glass screen, designed to have natural light in the entrance hall.



The railling modules do no touch each other and ther are not screwed on the floor



Apartment refurbishment, Alicante


#apartment refurbishment_alicante, Flat refurbishment_alicante#shop_window, industrial_kitchen, vintage_kitchen_Alicante

The  original iron joist were  found during the refurbishment




Wet room, with large tiles in the background, lit by a led strip on the ceiling



Cut IMG_2452



Conservation work & Interior design, Barcelona


cut salón musta

Apartment with long &narrow plan, light passes through the glass sheets placed on the walls.




Town Hall headquarters, Onil

The interiors contrast with its clasic facades, which were designed to be integrated in the historical quarter.



Headquarters of Onil, Alicante.

The core of the building is the this atrium,  providing natural through the glass roof.



Flat Refurbishment,  Alicante






Changing room buildings, municipal football pitch,Onil



Detail of the changing room entrances, both colours represent two colours of two different teams.


Driving school,  Alicante


The glass partitions between classrooms have vinyl circles to see them.




Dwelling building  in Callosa, Alicante


Landscape & facade design for a holiday resort, Jávea

Design for a SPA and garden in a hotel, Alicante




Bungalows in Callosa



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