Set design

Western short film attrezzo works, for Blau Eventos Audiovisuales Art Department.

This short film was made for a festival competition where all the actors came from a social reinsertion centre and had different mental disabilities. It was filmed in the western themed town of Villajoyosa and won many different prices.




vestidito verde y pink




Attrezzo for Blau Eventos Audiovisuales  for Educational  short film, For the regional Government. It was filmed in the Castle of Santa Bárbara and in the  streets of the old town of Alicante.



Table ware display for a Mediaeval sorcerer with

animal fur, horns, insects, blurry water, spices, reptiles, laboratory wear, etc.


#Atrezzo #Mediaeval_sorcerer_table

Spicies, hornes, plants, stones…. for the  Mediaeval sorcerer above





Attrezzo assistant for Roberto Carvajal, in the Art Dept of Art of ‘Cuéntame como Pasó’, 15 year old TV Serial. Producers: Grupo Ganga Producciones.

I section of the beach was taken in Benidorm to converted it in a 70’s beach atmosfera, for the Alcántara family (Imanol Arias, Ana Duato, Ricardo Parrondo, Maria Galiana, Irene Visedo, Paula Gallego..) Producers: Grupo Ganga Producciones.

Old beach furniture, cold boxes and parasols.

Squared parasols were built on site with timber structures and colourful fabrics.




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