About myself

Elena Gutierrez Giulianotti

I care for detail, atmospheres, design and colours. Am quick at offering design creative ideas from capturing the abstract concept, solving challenges that may arise during the process and in situ. I can design at different scale from a necklace, interiors, exhibition spaces to a façade. I very much enjoy selecting materials, surfaces, colour schemes, fabrics, papers, decorative elements, furniture and lighting. One of my hobbies is working on experimental ceramic glazings creating vertical compositions.

I also enjoy selecting locations, supervising final precise detail and working in creative teams. I have a keen eye for aesthetics, proportions, product design, volumes and spaces. I can design and supervise ephemeral installations, film sets and select attrezzo, offer advice on product presentation for catalogues or exhibitions, take photos and participating in video shoots.

Different cultures, their colours, use of spaces, shapes, landscapes and temperaments, have had great influence on me when working, thinking and looking.

My studies in the school of arts in Spain, interior design, RIBA-I & RIBA-II (Royal Institute of British Architecs), ceramic and  my career, have contributed to my interest on observing and paying careful attention to the final detail and special atmospheres.

I have English and Spanish nationalities and can work speaking in Spanish, English and Italian, also overlapping them. I am studing French at intermediate level and  I worked in England, Italy, Spain, France and in different European International Exhibitions.

I managed to optain:

A Masters in Education, at Universidad de Alicante (Arts and English).

Studies in Ceramics, at  Escuela de Arte Superior de Diseño, Alicante.

A Diploma in Architecture  RIBA-II (year 6) (Royal Institute of British Architects)  Kingston University London.

BA (Hons) Degree in Architecture  RIBA-I (year 3),  Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds.

Certificate in Conservation in Architecture and Communication Skills, Leeds Metropolitan University.

A Interior Design Degree  Escuela de Arte, Valencia.

A Certificate in General Arts  Escuela de Arte, Alicante.


Spanish is my mother tongue my, English is bilingual and have I understand Catalan. I speak Italian at work level and can also write it, the spelling corrector is great for the ‘doppia consonante’. I am studing French, at intermediate level and neither Italian nor Spanish helped a lot.

My nationalities are Spanish & British and have an Italian surname which came from London. I worked in The UK, Spain, Italy, France and International exhibitions.

My skills and pasions

I am patience with jobs that require craft precision and also when others aren’t. I am quite fast at offering aesthetic solutions. Some of my pasions are experimenting with ceramic glazings, compose paper and I can also do watercolours, handdrawing, models, collage and photography. I can work with Autocad, Illustrator, Photoshop and Freehand.

Work experience

I am  registered as an arquitec at CTAA (Reg  08185). From 2004 to 2016 i worked as a Freelance architect in collaboration with Arquiges Proyectos SL,  in Alicante, on facades design, volumes, interiors and open spaces. Atended client meeting presentations and site design supervision.

I also worked at CIEE (Council International Educational Exchange) in Alicante. Teaching for American students, The Process of the Spanish Painting, with  PowerPoint theory class (in English) and its workshop.

Before I lived in the UK for ten years and worked in different architectural companies in London, Leeds. Leeds City Council Department of Architecure. Photographic historical research and watercolours for conservation works. Leeds City Council Department of Conservation. Photographic historical research and watercolours for conservation works. Gibberd Frederick Partnership, London. Handrawings for masterplans. Thomas Heatherwick, London. Material research, model and exhibition for his sculpture in the Science museum.

Before the UK I worked in Valencia in Integral de obras, Valencia. Stand design and organization, for the Chamber of Comerce in the  International Exhibition of Milan. Cosín & Cosín, Valencia. Interiors for private houses, stand for the regional Government and theatre design in the Citie’s Museum. Miguel Ruiz Interiorismo. Interior design, from concept to the end of the project.




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